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September 27, 2011

Mystery Date

Last week at my writer's group Rita passed around a magazine which included an article about a well-known, successful writer living here in Arizona. About to read yet another story about someone who has made it as a writer, envy envy, I happened to come across this photo taken of bikers back in the 1960s. Rather than reading the article about the writer, I started trying to figure out which was the cutest guy of this bunch of wild men. (Today, of course, these same men all are either dead or on Medicare) Still, I used to want to date this type of man, one who wore black leather, rode a Harley, partied all night long, and rebelled against society. But then I also wanted the man with style and flash who could dance and talk intelligently about current events. When tired with that, I wanted a man who could read me poetry and go for walks holding hands. Which brings me to the game I used to play when I was a little girl called Mystery Date, the  game which was the start of all my yearnings. A game which I blame on my chronic discontent in life while searching for that perfect man.
I still have the game and play it all the time. Just kidding. Anyway, in case you've never played this game (because you were too busy reading books or studying math which I should have been doing) there is a door in the center of the game board and you take turns getting to open the door to meet, yes you guessed it, your secret admirer! Behind the door, was either a man in a white tux, a hobo type (he was probably the writer) a surfer, and so on. From playing this game too much instead of going outside and getting fresh air (didn't parents always want us to get fresh air) I dreamed someday I'd have a door that opened on men in all walks of life such as a construction worker known for having nice abs and tight...well you know what I mean.

When the construction worker was too tired from slinging a hammer to take me out dancing, I'd just spin the dial, open the door, and find a man with elegance, taste, and money. Yes. Money. Something the biker most likely didn't have.  The James Bond executive type. A most interesting man.

Then I wanted the writer. The one who could impress me with his words. The one who would look at me with understanding. The one would might actually listen when I talk. He wouldn't say why do you have to analyze everything? He would say let's talk this out and come to understand each other better.  Of course, I've met plenty of male writers and none of them fit this bill as they usually just like to hear themselves talk but, anyway, I had a dream.

Finally, in the original Mystery Date game there was a bowler. Yes a bowler. He had a bowling bag and a button down shirt. This one never appealed to me much. What could a guy who bowls do beside bowl. He probably didn't have a Harley, or write poetry, or a helicopter to jet me to exciting locations, and he probably couldn't build a shed. And he couldn't be smart.  Until I saw this photo and thought maybe I shouldn't have passed by so quickly on the guy who bowls. Maybe more girls should go bowling. Hey, who knows, maybe if I bowled I would have met a guy with a Harley, who writes poetry, dances and can fix kitchen cabinets. And who also knows a thing or two about politics.


Rita A. said...

Quite a wide variety of men there. I'm wondering about how different that game would be now . . . We don't hear much about surfers so would they be replaced by extreme sports enthusiasts, and the bowler hmmm a mountain bicyclist. After last week in Las Vegas I think many of your bikers are in hiding.

I think you should design a date game for the girls of this century and get all that money on your own.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I'm glad that picture inspired such a fun blog post! I never played Mystery Date, but it sounds like a fun game. But, where's the quiet, cute nerd? ;-)

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious!

Stella said...

I agree with Rita. Make a new game, with new guys. You could update it to include the tattooed & pierced hipster, a lowrider (for those of us living in the southwest, and I agree, the mountain bicyclist / skier, etc, and the computer geek. Of course with today's young women, you'd have to throw in another woman. Bi-sexuality is all the rage.

Susanne Brent said...

I love the idea of a new Mystery Date game! And you're right, Stella, there would have to be a woman behind that door now along with all the men just to make sure we hit all the targets!

SunsetCindi said...

I third that notion of you starting a new game and I can't believe the bi-sexual thing. My husband has teenage girls that work for him and that's all they talk about! Maybe you could have 3 versions, hetero, bi and lesbian. Toss that novel aside and start gaming!