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Where I write

September 8, 2011

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I bought this peacock ring on the fashion advice given to me this past weekend by three fashion savvy young ladies who I guessed to be between seven and nine years old. I was up in Flagstaff this weekend enjoying the county fair there, as well as the much cooler temperatures, when I paused at a booth selling, well to be honest, cheap stuff.  I can be a sucker for cheap stuff.

At the booth, three little girls were chattering and trying on rings. One of the girls announced she could not wear big rings because they looked funny on her hands. She proved this by putting on a big ring and her two friends agreed. Then she said she liked skulls; she didn't know why but she did, and promptly slipped on a little skull ring. Her friends liked that on her. No one judged her love of skulls.  One of the little girls said the color red in a ring "popped on her hand." We agreed. Blue looked especially nice on one of the little girls. There were tons and tons of rings, all shapes and styles, with amazing jewels on them. And the four of us made little gasps of joy as we tried on ring after ring. When I tried on this peacock ring, something I would never ever in a million years ever think to buy much less wear, all the little girls said, "oh you must get that one." I trusted them. It cost me $2. I am doubtful I'll ever actually wear that peacock ring ever again.
I own other things because I thought maybe, just maybe, I might be able to pull off a different style than usual. Here is the red sequin dress I bought last holiday season (or was it longer ago than that) and never wore. I always wanted a sequined dress to wear at the holidays. Other women who wore them looked so pretty. I felt so sparkly in the dressing room. At home is a different story. Every time I put this dress on I feel as if I'm trying to be one of the Supremes. I somehow can't make myself wear it. I even attended an event last winter where I could have actually worn it, but didn't. It's like there is a girl inside of me who believes she could wear such a loud, spangly dress, but the other girl, the one who makes the decisions says not to think I can have that much fun. Who do I think I am to wear red sequins?
I bought these lacy leggings at Sears last year because they looked fun. I saw women wearing leggings with such confidence and with cute tops, and when I tried these on in the dressing room I thought I can do this. I can wear leggings like everyone else. I wanted to.  When I got home and tried them on I felt as if I were in my pajama bottoms, or maybe trying to be a model from that lingerie shop, Fredrick's of Hollywood. (I used to pour through that Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog when I was a teenager.)

I am ruthless about cleaning out my closet and jewelry drawer but there are some items I hold on to, thinking I might one day be able to wear them in public, without feeling as if I am stepping too far out of my comfort zone.  I wonder if I was once as confident as those little girls, trying this and trying that, and not worrying too much what other people thought.  Maybe this year as I approach my birthday in December, I will discard fears of other people's judgments and put on my peacock ring, my black leggings and my red sequin dress. And have fun.


Rita A. said...

There is a part of you who wears lacy leggings and red sparkly dresses. She peeps out quite often . . .kine of like a character or idea we have but don't follow through on. Let that part out, have fun, she will thank you.

SunsetCindi said...

Just do it! They are all so you, maybe you don't see it, but you are a sparkle that lights up a room when you come in. If anyone could wear those things, you can. Sequins are a part of your personality. This December make a date with that dress and wear it. You could wear a little jacket or light throw type thing over it and maybe you wouldn't feel so 'Supremish'. I want to see that peacock ring on your finger on Tuesday, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

You are totally a red sequin dress kind of girl. You've got a spark in you and that dress will make it shine for all to see. :-)

Expostulator said...

Red sequin dress on the outside, you on the inside. I don't see how you could go wrong. What you are waiting for. Do it now.

brandy jordan said...

where them all together! or i will at the holiday party! how much do you want for the outfit? love um, love um, love um!