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Where I write

June 13, 2011

Bailey the Vegan

Before Bailey came to work at the restaurant, I was the only person who did not eat red meat or chicken or fish. When the chefs would expect servers to taste the nightly special, I was the only one who was not enthused about trying out that night's feature which 99% of the time included meat. I was the only one who did not ask for a fork to eat the food with the rest of the staff. Also, I was the person most often teased about my eating habits. Chefs have come and go since I started at the restaurant six years ago, but the common refrain from each of them was that there was something wrong with me because I didn't want to do cartwheels over the chance to dig into a bloody steak.

Then a few weeks ago Bailey was hired. This is him ironing his shirt at work. He knows how to iron. Very impressive. When he was first hired, I didn't know he was a vegan though I had overheard him mentioning he didn't want to try the sour cream which accompanies the jalapeno fries.
I thought maybe he just didn't like sour cream. Then I learned he was a vegan. I had never met a young man who was a vegan before. I guess I don't hang The out in the right places.

On Saturday night our special was lamb, and I privately told Bailey that the idea of people eating lamb was sad. He didn't laugh at me as most guys do, or girls even. Probably because he has also been teased about his dietary preferences Since Bailey came we now have a employee menu with more non meat options including a sandwich with mushrooms, but it still includes cheese. We don't have soy cheese at work. The chef teases me and says I have a crush on Bailey but I have more of a crush on his eating habits than him because I'm old enough to be Bailey's...hmmmm... aunt. I tell the chef that Bailey will live a long time because his arteries won't be clogged with cholesterol or whatever it is that makes people's hearts stop ticking by the time they are middle aged because they consumed too much meat. The chef just laughs at me as he is sticking a piece of greasy cheese pizza loaded with pepperoni into his mouth.

So ladies... Bailey is single. He was engaged, but not anymore. I had to add this because I think he is quite the catch. He would probably be happier with another vegan though he didn't tell me this himself. Oh and Bailey said his father, also a vegan, recently wrote a book about vegan cooking, and I wrote down the title but I left it at work in my apron. I usually always take home my apron but I was getting a cold and sore throat and feeling all cloudy in my head. I wish people wouldn't come to work sick, and infect his or her coworkers, but that's another story, so instead I'll leave on a happier note and say I'm glad I'm no longer the only person at work who doesn't eat bacon.


Expostulator said...

Bailey is obviously a gentleman of taste and discernment. There are any number of reasons not to eat meat, milk and such. I think your chefs should be chastised for a lack of imagination and tasked with coming up with more appealing non-meat dishes. Any idiot can burn a piece of meat. Many do so on their little backyard grills every weekend. Offering a creative dish that people seek out is the test of a good chef. It is also good for job security. IMHO

Anonymous said...

Bailey sounds like such a nice guy! How is he still single? What a cutie. :-)

As for the no meat thing, I totally get it. I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm not a hardcore carnivore either. Meat is something I'll eat maybe one or twice every couple of weeks. I simply prefer fruits, vegetables, and grains. It's not moral choice, (although I am an anima lover) but one of taste. I don't know why people get so weird when someone says they don't eat meat. I suppose I'll see you in the produce section instead of in front of the butcher. :-)

Pam said...

I have to agree with C.B. Wentworth. Bailey does sound like a very nice guy. There not to many of them around. I enjoy reading your blogs. They always make me smile.