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Where I write

May 27, 2011

Juan at Work

This is Juan, and he is a server assistant at the restaurant where I work. He recently dyed his hair a bright orange-red color, but management told him the wild hair color did not suit a corporate restaurant. I wanted to take a photo of him with his lively and interesting hair, but didn't get the chance before he dyed it back to this more subdued color. So here he is smiling and holding a tray. He doesn't always look this happy at work, but then none of us do. He does, however, always take good care of his appearance. He also makes a point to let me know if I have gunk on my apron, my hair is too frizzy, or my makeup smeared. He also makes fun of my watch. But I'll explain more of that later.

Server assistants, for those who may not know the workings of a restaurant, help the server by bringing water to the tables, clearing yucky dirty plates and cleaning the tables when the people leave. If there have been children eating at the table, that can mean brooms and mops. Server Assistants even help bring food to the table and do a myriad of other tasks that help make the server's job easier and provide better service.  Years ago, server assistants were called bus boys. But that term went out with the words stewardess and cleaning lady. And, truly, Juan is a man not a boy, and he does assist me so I can do my job better. He's sorta like the person in the operating room who hands the doctor instruments. Juan is more than someone who cleans tables. He works another full time job and has had culinary schooling, too. So when you see a person cleaning tables, please don't assume that's all they can do. We are each so much more than we are given credit for by others, especially if you see a person in a service role.

Juan makes me laugh and also takes the time to ask me about the current happenings in my life. I do the same with him and so we are friends and not just co-workers. He also gives a great back rub and he can say some things, in the romance department, that even at my age, surprise me. But Juan plays for the other team which is a shame because many women wish he would join our team.

Here is the watch I wear at work that Juan thinks is gross. I like it because it has big numbers, easy to read, and I can knock it around at work and it doesn't break.  My feelings don't get hurt when Juan teases me about my watch because he says when I die he wants my jewelry. He calls my earrings, bracelets and necklaces hippie jewelry, and I don't mind that either. In fact, I wouldn't mind if Juan could be my personal assistant and help me pick out clothes, and hair styles, and he also gives good advice about relationships. I hope Juan finds the type of work that one day will honor his creativity and he can dye his hair purple and pink and no one will mind. In the meantime, I appreciate all his assistance. P.S. He's single, too!


Rita A. said...

Nice Watch. You are so good at finding the extra bit that makes each person different and special. Your co-workers are lucky to have you.

SunsetCindi said...

I didn't know that busboy was an outdated term. One of my first jobs was as a busgirl at Perkins Pancake House so I remember the ins and outs of the job. Too bad I didn't have a server like you to appreciate my hard work! What an asset you two are to each other. You make the job fun, just like you do with everything.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wanna hang out with Juan! He sounds fun. Does he play Scrabble? Tracy