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October 23, 2012

All that's Missing are the Ears and Tail

Most everyone will recognize this outfit worn by the Playboy Club waitresses of the 1960s. You might laugh at the powder puffs on the women's rears, the floppy ears, and high heels. After all, it's 2012. Women have power and authority and do all sorts of smart things that don't require them to dress like a bunny. Now women can be Secretary of State, have their own television network, and race cars. Well, ladies, not to burst your women's liberation bubble, but progress for women has moved slower in the restaurant industry.

Here's the outfit for waitresses at a popular restaurant of today. I wonder if these gals ever burn their stomachs, or other body parts, on hot plates. Anyway, in the 1960s the men (let's face it these restaurants aren't for ladies who lunch) would order steak and martinis from women in black nylons, now it's beer and chicken wings from girls in halter tops

I avoided tackling this topic of skimpy outfits for waitresses because I didn't want to sound bitter and old and angry. Then I thought, hey wait, haven't I earned the right to be bitter and old and angry? In most areas of my life, I try to remain positive, but when I read yet another help wanted ad for servers which uses words like: attractive, energetic, young, I get, well, bitter.  In what other profession could you get away with requiring your applicants to be young and skinny? Okay maybe working as a stripper or an actress. Bottom line is no matter how revealing the outfit, waitresses are still slinging hash and picking up dirty dishes. That part has remained the same, too.

So why can't two play this game?? Why are there no restaurants where the servers look like this? Huh? Do you know of one? I know a bunch of women my age who would love to be served a chilled glass of Chardonnay by this hottie. Sigh. Maybe if more women owned restaurants, there would be less tight t-shirts on waitresses and more men with tight abs.

Well thanks for letting me vent. Many of the server ads require I send a photo. I'm thinking of this one. Okay it's a few years old, but it's me. Do I look young and hot enough? (Scroll down to see.....)


Stella said...

Yeah, that pic is a few years old - but adorable! I somehow don't think you'd have the upper arm strength to hoist heavy trays of food. And by the way, even though it is completely sexist and inappropriate for employers to advertise for attractive, young employees, you are attractive and youthful. So there!

SunsetCindi said...

Love the picture! Things will never change as we all know what part of their body that men think with. Damn that Eve for doing this to us!
You're one of the most youthful and energetic women I know and sweet as the syrup all over your uniform. Give them young whippersnappers a run for their money!

Gloria said...

Oh haha, Susy, you are so cute! And do you remember going to the Playboy club in Lake Geneva with our family? My Dad was so proud to be a member. And we had such fun--it didn't bother us then that the "Bunnies" were scantily clad. I thought it was so cool. Too bad that women are still giving in to being sexualized on the job. Another great post, girlfriend! Love you

Rita A. said...

I never thought about burning their tummy's. ouch! I wonder how it would work to put the Bunnies with the Hotties and make everybody happy.

C.B. Wentworth said...

I always hated wearing a uniform of any kind. At the last job I had that required one, I slowly started showing up wearing something other than the polo shirt they wanted me to wear. Just all me a rebel. :-)