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Where I write

September 6, 2012

Happy Surprises

The aspen leaves are starting to change in Colorado. Already. I just returned from two weeks in the Rocky Mountains, and I was surprised to see touches of yellow in the forests and and feel the chill in the morning air.  Here in Phoenix, in the valley of the never ending sun and heat, or so it feels right now with temperatures still in the 100s, I start worrying summer will last forever, that I'll never be able to turn off the air conditioner and open a window. So it was a thrill to actually have to put on a shirt with long sleeves at night in Colorado. There were other surprises on my vacation, too.
I was astonished to learn my friend's husband, Paul, had a famous literary relation.
No Paul's step father wasn't  Marlon Brando, though that would have been very cool. Paul's step father co wrote The Ugly American that was made into a movie with Mr. Brando. During dinner at my friend's home in Colorado, I mentioned my novel. (Hey they asked! I had to say I've been doing something besides waitressing and blogging.)Well...much to my surprise I found out that Paul's step father was William Lederer, an author who co wrote the famous novel which is kinda complicated, and I still need to read it, but it's critical of American foreign policy. Our conversation led to how each writer has a different process in which to write. Paul said his step father needed to be alone for long periods of time to access his characters. Anyway, seeing as I've known Paul for more than twenty years, I realized I don't know people who've been in my life for awhile as well as I think I do!
Of course, while in Colorado I had to go thrift store shopping. And, because the weather does get mighty cold there, the thrift stores have a lot more winter clothing. I was happily surprised to find this coat (fake fur, made of synthetic fabric) for $10 at the thrift store. I was afraid I'd really look like a cougar in this, but I think those are leopard spots? Anyway it's super warm, and it's shiny, and I just couldn't resist. I'm hoping for an Arizona cold snap. I can dream. Maybe by Christmas? If not, I'll wear it when I travel north again.
Another surprise was this historic home I toured in downtown Denver. The Byers-Evans house was the home of the man who started the Rocky Mountain News, a now defunct newspaper, that I loved to read while attending journalism school. A Colorado governor once lived here, too.  The rambling old house is located next to the ultra modern Denver Art Museum and trendy restaurants and fancy high rise condos where it seems everyone keeps their curtains open and has white furniture. The house is hidden by big graceful trees and I doubt the people talking on cell phones, zipping by in fast cars, and moving fast to their next appointments, pay much attention. They would be surprised if they took the time to tour this old home so filled with history, with books, and art work and lovely antiques.
 Finally, I just had to put a photo of my dear friend, Goldie, who lives in Denver. (She's giving her shelter rescued dog, Jake, a big smooch here.) I don't think she'd mind if I told everyone her age is 87. She's a total delight and she always surprises me with her sense of adventure and fun. I was also glad to see, Jake, who has a lot of energy, and adores Goldie too.


Rita A. said...

Nice to see a photo of Goldie who I've heard so much about. I'd love to visit that house. I've never spent much time in downtown Denver it just seems so . . . fast.
Thanks for sharing about your trip.

C.B. Wentworth said...

You were right! That coat is awesome! :-)

Anonymous said...

Cougar coat.....growwwwlll....Those drag queens at Apollo's will rip it right off from you if you are not careful.

SunsetCindi said...

You make Denver sound so inviting and it's definitely on my list of places to visit. Hopefully we'll get a cold snap and you can wear the coat to WIG so we can get some jungle fever going.
Goldie looks like a real sweetheart and I can see why you're good friends.
Love those changing leaves!