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Where I write

January 17, 2012

This and That and other Stuff from 2011

A few months ago I blogged about my love of thrift stores and yard sales. I posted a photo of a fish painting that I bought at a local church yard sale for twenty five cents. It had hung, the woman who sold it to me said, on her father's office wall. At my holiday pot luck we did a white elephant gift exchanged and I just knew someone would be thrilled to put this picture of a big fish leaping, quite literally, from the frame. Kirsten was the lucky girl to get the picture and she said her husband,Tim, loves it and put it on his office wall. The tradition continues. And he didn't even have to hurt a worm or a fish to catch such a treasure.
At the risk of sounding like a cougar, here is handsome Bailey the vegan who worked for too short of a time at the restaurant with me. He left after just a few months and we heard he got a job as a banquet captain somewhere. Sigh. All of us, especially the female staff, miss his polite and kind ways and we especially miss looking at him and still wish he would come to our houses and iron our aprons for us, too! I also miss that he was a vegan and I was not the only person saying no to sampling the meat dishes served.
I finally got to remove the tag and actually wear the red sequined party dress this December. I wore it to the casino near my house and danced to a live band. I did not wear the high-heeled sparkly gray shoes, though, because I have had surgery on both my knees and now am afraid to fall. Which makes me sound like a total grandma. Still, it was fun to finally wear the dress and dance the night away and I think my dress was happy to get out of my boring closet and go to a happening casino where old men had young Asian girls sitting on their laps. But that's another story.
Remember my friend Stella who wrote the poem that got published on a big message board for all to read in Santa Fe? To refresh your memory:
Sound of Your Breathing
Makes me long
For Ice Cream in bed.
Well Stella was single at the time she wrote the poem but now she has a boyfriend named Jack! Here they are together. Jack is an artist and a sculptor (those were his bowls on top of my microwave in my blog about the holiday pot luck).  They are now very happy together, but I don't know if there is any ice cream eating in bed. We'll let that be their secret.
Here is my friend and fashion consultant Juan. He and I still work together and he still tells me if my hair looks nice one day or frizzy the next. He didn't like my purse with, as he said, "the big ugly pink flower" but when he does like something I wear he always tells me, too. Juan is still single and looking for the love of his life but in the meantime he has a lot of fun with his friends and is always doing something unusual especially the recent photos he pasted on face book which let's just say showed another side of him. You'll have to friend him and check it for yourself.
Finally, this is where I was at the end of 2011. This is taken in the backyard of my friend's house in southern California in December.  Isn't it just so pretty! To me it sums up how graced, how lucky, I am in life to have such good friends and loved ones alike.  I hope reading my blog is like sitting with me at this table and just chatting and laughing about all the silly, crazy, wonderful and beautiful moments of life. I don't want to miss a moment. Thank you for sharing your time, and your stories, with me.


Brandy Lee said...

(for the 3rd time!)Hey Susan, I loved it! That's a very handsome picture of Juan. I bet you looked foxy in your dress. How's the novel coming along? Don't forget to bring the short story for me to read. Never mind forgetting, I won't let you! See, I know how to punctuate, I'm just to lazy to tap the shift key most times. Ha Ha!

SunsetCindi said...

Here's to more red dress nights and relaxing, elegant backyard days in 2012!

Anonymous said...

I love you blog! :-) Its like visiting with a good friend even when you're not sitting in front of me. Keep writing!