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Where I write

August 8, 2011

Just James the Bartender

Say hello to James the bartender. He and I have worked together for a few years now, and the thing about James is he never laughs at my jokes. I told him this and, in his usual way, he just shrugs. He doesn't try to defend himself. He never apologizes for himself. He never gets offended or excited or that terribly interested at anything I say to him because, well because, he's Just James. There is no hidden agenda with James. He is who he is. I appreciate that.

No matter how I might get annoyed with him for not getting my drinks fast enough he always remains calm.  Yes at times even I get frazzled and frenzied on the job. (Well...more than a few times.) I have been known to march into the bar and say, "James where are my drinks?" in a shrill voice.

James will never get terse or nasty or mean. (Not all bartenders are as nice as they may act to the people tipping them). James will either glance at me and get to it or he will say, calmly of course, he will get my drinks as soon as he can. I stand there glaring at him with my, hey I've got people waiting look, (not all servers are as nice to the people who tip them either) but he never gets upset. No shouting. No nasty smirk or gossiping behind my back. (at least I don't think so) He does have a habit of taking the ticket which lists the drinks I need and putting it aside and waiting until I come into the lounge to make the drink. He does this to other servers, too. I'm not quite sure why he does this, but anyway, that's Just James.  

I've worked with a lot of bartenders and they run the range of arrogant to amiable. Some bartenders operate on the premise listed above. Not James. I'm not quite sure why some bartenders believe they are better, higher up the food chain, than servers. Maybe because they have a cash drawer. I am not impressed with many bartenders probably because I worked as a bartender for many years, twice in hotel lounges, couple times at night clubs with pounding rock and roll music that will probably cause me to have a hearing aid one day and even, just once, at a strip joint. That last bartender gig  was an education in lingerie but we already talked about underwear in my last blog. Anyway, I prefer being "out on the floor" as we call serving in the business. Servers have more freedom to roam around and we get to go home earlier than bartenders.
Mmmmm. Doesn't this look yummy! James may not be the most outgoing, animated and flashy bartender, but I think he makes the best cocktails. He makes a killer mojito and people never send back the drinks he mixes. He makes them strong enough, too, so people don't complain they are being cheated. Also, something I've never told James, he has a voice that would allow him to work as a radio announcer. It's deep and calm. I could imagine him working on one of those late night radio shows. Maybe even a call in talk show because it is often said bartenders usually understand human nature very well as people, their tongue loosened with liquor, often pour out their stories to bartenders. Whenever I see James is working I'm always glad as I know he will be friendly to work with and that can really make a server's life easier.  However, I do sometimes feel a bit sorry for his girlfriend because James does not appear to have a romantic bone in his body. I told him this the other night at work and he just shrugged. That's Just James.


tbnranch said...

It's nice to work with somebody like James, he's always gonna be the same guy every day. Last thing I want at work is more stress worrying about what kind of mood my coworkers are in!

Anonymous said...

I wish everyone was like James, especially those assholes at US Airways......