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Where I write

April 30, 2011

Kelsie and Serene

Here are two of the servers I worth with. Kelsie is on the left and Serene is on the right. No they aren't twins. They didn't used to look so much alike until they both got their hair cut in a similar, and flattering style. Sometimes the people they wait on can't tell the difference and will think that Kelsie is his or her server when it is really Serene. For fun now and then, they will play along and act as if they are the other person. The table never knows the difference, but even if they didn't look alike it really is common. Quite often servers are, to the people they serve, just hands putting down plates and voices saying yes, thank you, come back again. Now and then we might get asked our names, or someone will take the time to look at name tag, but people usually aren't that interested which is fine with me. I always find it annoying if a person I'm waiting on, basically a stranger, starts using my name too much, "Susanne, what do you think of the special tonight?" Or "Susanne may I have my check." Feels creepy. Our names are such personal things, almost feels like a violation. However, I would at least like it when they remember I'm a girl and that the male server with the beard is not me.

Serene is not at all serene. She's feisty.  Kelsie does not like to be call Chelsea which people sometimes do when they hear her name wrong.   They are both in their 20s, hard working, like to laugh, have fun and play with boys. They make me wish I could live my 20s all over again, only with what I know now. I definitely would choose different boys to play with, but that's another story. Serene went to a prestigious culinary school and understands wine and food as well as a skilled mechanic understands an engine. She works three, count them, three jobs. Another reason I want to be in my 20s again, all that energy! This is her last week she'll be working with us, and I wish she wasn't leaving, but adventure and opportunity lies elsewhere for her.

 Kelsie is originally from the small mining town of Baghdad, Arizona. She  worked for Disney World for awhile. But she didn't stay in the magic kingdom and instead returned home to Arizona. She's young and has a lot of time to decide what to do next. They both have a lot of road ahead of them to travel, and sometimes I get envious because I will never, ever be in my 20s again. Oh, sure some people my age say they wouldn't want to be in their 20s again. Liars!  We all get our chance, and it sure does go fast. One minute I'm 21 years-old working in a country western bar in Denver, Colorado serving pitchers of beer and saying, "last call for alcohol" then I'm in journalism college playing Lois Lane,  then I'm back in an apron carrying a tray, but how in the hell did I get to be so much older than everyone else! What happened to my youth while I wasn't looking.

Kelsie and Serene are smart, gorgeous young women and, if they asked me for any advice (now and then they do) I would tell them something I have to remind myself each day. Don't spend too much time looking forward or back, appreciate every moment. Oh, and try to work at a place with flattering uniforms. Unlike where we work now where we all are dressed like men. Now and then the button on my shirt opens because it is too tight but that still doesn't help my tips as it once did in my 20s.


arcadiastuff said...

With men's mentality, leave that button undone all the time and I bet tip percentage overall goes up! You are so funny.

Rita A. said...

Doug tells me that when he was growing up in a very rich family that the waiters were not to be acknowledged. Some place like Chez Louis if you acknowledged the waiter they knew you weren't "upper crust" or whatever.
Can't win, Huh?

TwoPhxCats said...

I often never look at my server when eating out. Then, when I want something, I don't know who to call upon. I always feel bad that I haven't really looked at my server; it seems so snobby. I probably wouldn't use the server's name, but I should at least look at him/her and perhaps smile.

I really, really would not want to be in my 20s again. I was very emotional and it was a bad time in my life. I know so much more now, and realize that I still have a lot to learn.